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Hast Rekha

Hast Rekha was commonly known as Palmistry. Hast Rekha as an exact science has not established in India to the extent it has in Europe and USA. This is mainly due to the fact that its exponents here, Brahmin priest, do not keep abreast of modern research and adhere to antiquated rules and techniques. Standard works in Palmistry are in great numbers – by famous palmists, ancient and modern – are available.Hast Rekha specialist in Mumbai. Hast Jyotish is the science of reading the past, present, and future of a person through the lines of his/her palm. Our palm reveals our inner personality, our potential as well as the timelines for our karma to manifest, that is certain events to occur in the future.
It includes reading of the palm lines, mounts, finger positions, lengths, depths and much more. Prominent Palm Lines considered in Palm Reading include Heart Line, Head Line, Life Line and the Fate Line. However, there are many more lines and the start, end, interactions of these are crucial in getting an accurate palmistry reports. Similarly, there are various mounts on one’s palm that are considered in a palm reading. The major ones are the Mount of Jupiter, Mount of Saturn, Mount of Sun, Mount of Mercury, Mount of Venus, Mount of Mars and the Mount of Moon.Indian system appears to be in a better position to interpret many complex and baffling aspects than any other system in the world.

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